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Peep-To-Meet: MelBee

How We Met:

“Do you have an avocado?”

Now for some, this may have seemed like an unusual request, especially upon first meeting someone in person for the first time. But not for Mel.

“Actually, I think I do and maybe we can use this too,” I said while reaching for a ripened avocado from the kitchen counter top and a dark-blue wine glass from the cabinet.

I watched in fascination (and with a dash of “what is this chick doing?” ) as she carefully and strategically aligned each item on the surface of our electric fireplace (because, let’s be honest, who can really afford to have a real fireplace while living in NY- Not me).

She stepped back, adjusting the lighting on her high res Canon 60D camera and *SNAP.* We had successfully conducted our first photoshoot together and I had only known her for less than a hour.

That was it! That’s how I met the dopest greenish-blue-haired photographer and my new roommate, MelBee.

It’s only been about 7 months now since we’ve met, but to be honest, it feels as if we’ve known each other forever.  From putting together our first impromptu photoshoot, to working various events, to brunch hopping on the weekends, Mel always brings with her a unique creative flair and genuine love for capturing life’s greatest moments.

However, photographer isn’t the only title that this Texas native holds on her resume. Apart from taking amazing pics, Mel is also a style trailblazer who makes you want to scream Yasss every time she steps out. Aiming to fuse her love for photography, fashion and culture, Mel has been working tirelessly over the past few months to put the finishing touches for the relaunch of her blog site Melbeephoto.com, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Witnessing her move to NY with nothing more than a vision, to now watching her announce the launch to her blog, which she’s worked day-in and day-out to perfect (because we millennial creatives are perfectionist to the core), has been truly inspiring.

Through our friendship, we encourage, strengthen, and uplift one another. We have a mutual respect for our individual crafts and work with one another to brainstorm on new ideas and concepts- one of which you all will see very soon.

About MelBee:

Melanee Brown is a multidisciplinary creative from Houston, TX who lives for creativity & individualism. Her art is grounded in capturing the aesthetic of people of color through photography, videography, and writing. She actively seeks out creative aspects of hair, fashion, and everyday life..pulling inspiration from everything around her. Since making her recent move to New York City in February, Melanee continues to challenge herself daily to be unlimited in the way that she looks at life professionally and personally. Through her platform MelBee Photography, MelBee’s main objective is to uplift her community one shoot at a time.

So peeps, meet MelBee. Connect. Support. Build. 

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